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"The Golden Mirror"


"Tiger Joe"


"The Raritan River Ferry”


"Spring in Princeton"


"Happy Wildlife in Princeton"


"Two Lives"


"The Wall"


"The Colorful Ball "


"..when a Door opened!"


"Jesus of Nazareth"


"The Moment of Light that Came and Went"


"The Death of the Taliban Fighter"


"and then, the sound of an Aria"


"Troy's Troubled Life"


"The Phantom of the Website"


"Fortune comes, Fortune goes"


"The Very Short Life of a Tiny Fly"


“Guiding Lights in my Life”




Dark Stories:


The Old Lady’s Birthdays


framesets/frameset_Last.htmlThe Last is a Loner


The End


The Ox


The Ant


Darkness Followed by Light



The Light Stories:


Music in the Air


The Sparkling Chandelier


Moments of Joy


Conquer Mountains – or Find a Coin on the Street


The Journey of a Water Molecule


Farewell to Earth



Postscript Stories:


“A Journey to Paradise Island”


The Always Friendly Lady


“Our Life as Seen from Eternity”






Special:  by Helen Dickinson:


“Letter From a 93 Year Old Lady”


4 Stories by Pierre Decey:


"The Little Train of Provence"


"The Train of the Pines"


"The Historic Vivarais Train"


"The White Valley Train"