Farewell to Earth

and a final report from Earth

@ H. Schwab



As my soul was timelessly floating with all those others in transcendental space – but perceiving cosmic real existence sparkling in the distance – I wondered what was going on out there, in that real world.  Was that endless forming and disappearing of all those round objects, whether bright suns or their simple planets, in their endless circular orbits, in groups as galaxies or as solar systems within those, was that all that was going on out there forever and ever – until, after some time, all would be gone again, faded, dissolved?

The Ultimate Essence of our being there in transcendental space, the Great Light, must have sensed my feelings. Then, a messenger appeared and asked me whether I wanted to have a closer look at such material existence in distant cosmic space.

I hesitantly said “yes – please”.

“There is only one problem”, the messenger said. “You must take material form and participate in the natural laws of the place you select to visit.”

“How can I select a place if I don’t know anything about that phenomenon of material existence?  What should I choose?”

“We could send you to the place of an interesting experiment that we are running there – on an insignificant and very small planet of an average sun in an insignificant galaxy. Some time ago, we let some material building blocks appear there and some forces and rules for their functioning, allowing them to combine in ever larger and more complex structures – then left that place alone for a long time.  It was amazing what appeared. Unfortunately, some unusual effects of those initial rules of functioning brought some moments of evolutionary standstill, when one type of those new organic structures controlled everything else and prevented further progress. Then, we had to interfere – by temporarily extinguishing practically everything, letting some new combinations take over and continue the evolutionary progress of our experiment – which then became more complex and more beautiful.”

“I am ready to go”, I said.

“Go soon, before the next collapse may occur – because those latest new structures obtained too much power – and are close to extinguishing themselves.”

“How will I go there?”

“You will appear there just as one of those complex building blocks – looking like the others – with legs and arms and a head, to store memories and to make decisions for action – and with eyes to see. You will be capable of touching and moving – but, mainly, you will be able to understand and to function. There will be a variety of new emotions for you – to feel both positive and negative values deep within you.

You will wear out in less than a mere 100 years and be called back at that time – if you did not commit unacceptable acts. Then you will have to give a report about what you observed and accomplished there.”


By now, I have been here on that little remote planet which the inhabitants call “Earth” for more than 85 years. I am almost worn out and ready to go back to that eternal peace and harmony. But being here is still a very exciting experience – many beautiful views can still be perceived – most importantly, I am very “emotionally attached” to the close members of those “building block structures” around me, the most sophisticated ones being called “humans”, some lesser ones “animals”. Deep sorrow would befall me, and possibly some of them, if I had to leave now – and if not at least a few of them could follow me into my original transcendental space.


Wait a minute! I was told that I would have to give a report! What is the summary of my observations of those more than 85 years here on Earth? What is the essence of my report – not to say recommendations – to offer, when I will be called to report? And what did I accomplish – if anything worth mentioning at all?

Also, what are my farewell greetings to those I will have to leave behind on Earth?


What struck me most on Earth were two observations: the pervasive destructiveness and cruelty reigning on Earth, and the wonderfully positive rejuvenating capability of every new generation of organisms there – mainly combined with a joyful and warm emotional interconnection between the most closely related ones among them!

How could that be? What could be done to let the positive prevail over the negative?


The negative on Earth apparently resulted from five design rules of the experiment there, which should be considered for change in a next phase of this experiment or for another experiment somewhere else:


-          Each organism on Earth needs energy for its life and physical development. The simple organisms receive that energy from their sun. The others, however, must actually attack, kill, and devour other organisms as “food” for their own survival and growth. On a micro-level, this includes the destructive attacks of microbes, viruses, and fungi. On the larger level, the attacks occur by parasites and predators! All of this together brings enormous cruelty and destructiveness to existence on that “Earth”.

Could a different energy cycle be found – leading to peace among all?


-          Accidents, sudden events, can bring great suffering – from tsunamis to merely a wrong step resulting in a fall. Actually, it is often the fast time scale of such events which lets those organisms on Earth get into trouble – not allowing for quick adjustment or escape.

Can the timescale on Earth be slowed down and the reaction speed of humans increased in order to avoid many accidents – possibly by electronic nerves and brains?


-          All organisms tend to over-multiply, with minor variations appearing in their offspring, thereby increasing competition – and letting the fittest prosper, while the others suffer from lack of space or sustenance. That is the core mechanism of evolution on Earth.

Could multiplication be restricted to available space and supply – and be allowed more for the best performers under the given conditions rather than leading to deadly competition and suffering? Mainly, a restraint of the often violent desire to multiply, especially among males, would be beneficial.


-          Humans have all the desire to belong to groups – whether genetically connected, or in political, religious, athletic, artistic, or other groups. Then they are ruled by “leaders” or “priests” assuming the power of interpreting “believed” divine will, often merely their own imagination in interpreting nature. They are firstly supported by the members of some “elite” subgroups – suppressing all the others – or exploiting them – causing much cruel fighting within groups and suffering among the losers. Thus, dictatorships and also religions were often the greatest burdens of mankind. The great amount of poverty and consequent suffering on Earth results from such inadequate “governance”.  Even worse than that is the fact, that groups become competitive among themselves, in sports merely excitingly, but in international politics or between religious groups leading to wars and, thereby, to the worst destruction and cruelty on Earth.

How could each individual or group find its own place in the building of great societies, in harmony and peace – being content and, yet, committed to do its best where it stands?


-          Much suffering on Earth results from improper formation of the body or mind. Especially sad are unbalanced emotional conditions or mental diseases – as depressions, loneliness, rage, or, at worst, criminality – often appearing as personal, political, or religious obsessions. Only lower animals, such as insects, can do without that. Is there no beneficial level in between, possibly solvable through more disciplined genetic processes?  The main matter to resolve with a better formation of the minds of those „humans“ on Earth would be the avoidance of the problems of rage and of excessive focusing resulting in obsessions or behavioral excesses (as the desire for excessive fulfillment of otherwise normal needs) – and the avoidance of addictions, as resulting from drugs.


The positive on Earth is the result of specific emotions one can find out there:

-          The proximity to and connected living with other members of one’s species (or pets) provides a “feeling” of emotional “warmth” and joyful happiness, providing for the positive upbringing of the young, family life, and cohesion of larger groups.

A stronger development of this emotion of “empathy” among all humans could further greatly increase happiness on Earth. All should be part of it!


-          The right balance between group coordination and remaining freedom, personal creativity and initiative is at the foundation of the successful evolution on Earth.

The restraint of all political and religious suppression combined with law-and-order in society (good “governance”) stimulates cultural and intellectual evolution – leading to favorable periods of history on Earth – sometimes resulting in great “cultures” or communities!


-          The sensing and appreciation of joy and beauty, as in all forms of art and in nature, is a most wonderful part of being on Earth – hopefully maintained and expanded in the future. This lets humans “beautifully” decorate all objects they use.  It lets human habitation appear beautiful through excellent “architecture” and interior decoration.  Even movement can be exalted in “dance”.  Wherever humans appear, the beauty of “art” appears, too – but don’t forget the care of nature!


-          Humor can be a wonderful complement to the concerns of daily human life and an easy and most joyful resolution of many frictions and problems.  All should make it part of their personality and daily life!


This combination of sensing the warmth of human contacts and perceiving joy, as in the beauty of nature and art in the world, is typical for life on Earth and makes it very difficult to want to leave it!  A complex and profound happiness – in the midst of all the suffering – could possibly be found only there. Mainly the reduction of suffering, but also an increased availability for favorable development could render the experiment “Earth” still more positive – providing more light and joy in the universe!


Was I not also expected to report about my own accomplishments during my stay on that distant planet Earth?

What means “accomplishments”? 

I could see “accomplishment” only as “having made the best” of that short visit on Earth.  But merely “to have had fun” would have been too superficial.  After all, we talk about a journey to that glorious real universe in cosmic space at this point of its ongoing evolution – with all of its “negative” aspects as described above, but also with all of its so wonderfully “positive” ones – which I was allowed to briefly participate in! What a fantastic opportunity that was – and still is while I am still here!

Can one say that “making the best” of that visit must firstly mean to have developed all the mental and physical “potential” given to me as a gift of “nature” when appearing there – such as having been equipped with a functioning body and a “mind”? 

These capabilities and resulting skills must serve in the real world to primarily and reliably obtain sufficient sustenance in food and shelter – possibly for my whole “family”.

Beyond that, one had to discover and understand the functioning of that real universe and Earth, where its formation is actually still ongoing in an “evolution” – and to better act within it.  Wouldn’t an “accomplishment” have been to constructively – not destructively – contribute to that evolution? 

The most outstanding result of evolution on Earth was the organized living together of so many “humans” in evolving “cultures”. But looking closer, one could observe that there occurred almost as much violent destruction in “revolutions”, appearances and expansions of new ideologies (or “religions”), or “wars” as there also occurred careful preserving and building of wonderfully positive cultures.  Obviously, one would have wanted to contribute in restraining the one and supporting the other – also in preserving some “nature” with all its various creatures, while still supporting human evolution. 

All life for “humans” is closely connected with the important phenomenon of “emotions” on Earth – resulting in the human “values” of life.  Therefore, positively contributing to existence on Earth means emotionally caring for others – and, mainly, to help them care for themselves in controlling their own emotions and behavior – to lessen their suffering and to augment the opportunities for their development.

Beyond all reasonable actions, those humans long for the emotion of “joy” – about their own favorable development and, mainly, about being closely joined in friendship and harmony with others – and from perceiving what they see as “beauty” in nature or their own creations called “art”.

In sum, “growth” of the mind and skills, dedicated caring “service” for others and the community, and contributing “joy” derived from their “culture” could be the expected accomplishments one should bring during the short time of a journey to that Earth.      


What can I report as my own accomplishments on Earth? 

I rather return to eternity without answering this question.  My accomplishments were not zero.  After all, I am grateful to “nature” for the physical and mental gifts I received.  I am grateful for the freedom I had to act. But, with more effort, I could have learned more – in order to accomplish more – and I could have “contributed” more!

Did I do anything wrong?  Did I never “sin”, as religious or righteous humans would always primarily ask (rather than emphasizing accomplishments)?  Did I ever unnecessarily hurt other humans or animals?  Did I ever weaken the positive forces in evolution on Earth?  I rather not fill the pages of this report with reflections on those points.  Fortunately, the original demand was to report on “accomplishments” on Earth, not on “sins” or failures.  Thanks for that “loophole” in the reporting demand! 

This is my personal report.  May I not be judged too harshly, please!


This report is submitted in greatest humility and reverence for that “Transcendental and Ultimate Structure-Providing and Spiritual Essence of Existence”, the Great Light!


Now comes my time to leave.

Farewell, Earth!!!

What is my leaving message to you remaining there?

Watch out for what you can report, when you also will have to do so!

Don’t tire of being a positive force of evolution on Earth!

Reduce violence and suffering wherever you can!

Mainly, bring a little warmth and the light of joy to each other!


Could I be allowed to bring at least my dear personal companion in life and our children – possibly also my parents and siblings – along with me to transcendental peace?


Then I was gone – preserved again in endless transcendental stability and harmony!

What is that feeling of warm proximity surrounding me, as if I had brought something along from Earth?

Did I also import a little bit of joy from Earth to transcendental space?

Was that the unforeseen success of the experiment Earth?


Now, I can barely see again the far distant, luminous material universe – and only hope not to see another sudden spark where the small Earth once was – and then some fading end of that glorious and gruesome experiment.