Music was in the Air


May your days be filled with music!



Our son decided that his children, our grandchildren, should grow up with music when they were about 8 and 10 years old. Therefore, he and his wife bought a used upright piano, put it in their living room, and had somebody give them piano lessons for a while.

That did not work out too well.  Our grandson preferred playing the viola and our granddaughter rather played lacrosse with her school friends and golf with her daddy.

Finally, the piano lessons were given up and the piano sat silently in the living room.


How could one get rid of the piano – to make for more space in the living room?

Our son had an idea!

One day, late on a Friday afternoon, he got hold of some of his friends and together they moved the very heavy piano out to the side of the street in front of the house.

My son affixed a sign: “You can take it – for free! Try it out, if you want!”


The following Saturday morning, he woke up from some beautiful piano music – then some more – and more – and more – to continue all day long!

The music ranged from children playing tunes with one finger (“humpty dumpty” and the likes) to advanced jazz (Scott Joplin) and to Bach or Beethoven!

Unbelievable – all day long!


At one time, somebody knocked at the door to ask whether our son could help him to load the piano on top of his car – to take it along.

“What kind of car do you have?”, asked our son.

“Oh, just a little Volkswagen!”, was the answer.

“That piano has a steel frame and is quite heavy. It would flatten your car! Wouldn’t it be safer to mount the little car on top of the piano and move the two together!”


More music kept wafting through the air for some more hours!


In the late afternoon, several college students came to the front door.  Could my son help them to move the piano to their apartment a few blocks down the street?

“Firstly, not now, while there is so much traffic on the road in front of my house.  And later, in the evening, you can just roll it along. It has small steel wheels and the road cover is solid.”, our son advised.


The music continued – until it turned quiet in the evening.


Then, when my son and his family were already in bed, suddenly, a wonderful fare-well tune could be heard from the piano. Then the squeaking of the small steel wheels – then more music from some distance – then distant squeaking – then a very soft tune from far away.

Then silence!


Next day, Sunday, was very quiet.

Our son and his family sat in their family room and were rather sad that all the music was gone!


Keep some music in your life!!