Our Life as Seen from Eternity


(@ H. Schwab)

061215 – 082715


Was the “ultimate Spiritual Essence”, God, always alone – absolutely alone – in solitude – in all eternality and emptiness, whatever that was before time and space occurred? …  always in solitude, alone?  Why?  Did that lead to “creating” something – something “real”, now with dimensions of time and space – something to watch, to observe – especially when it was given an “evolution”?

Time and space occurred only when and through creation of something “existing” as we know it – either in our universe or in any other one before – when something “changed” in “time” and was “different” in then existing space at a “here” from a “there”

The creation of our universe is, to the extent as we can observe it, relatively small and short-lived in the dimensions of eternity. Our universe has only a 300 meter diameter if the size of our Milky Way galaxy is seen as merely a small pinhead – and is only 4 ½ months old if 1,000 years are seen as merely a second of our time. 

Why so small and why so short-lived – and with timeless emptiness beyond our universe?


But our universe was created with the dynamics of change, showing some “evolution” – not only in astronomic observations – more importantly, right where we are, here on Earth. 

Life occurred and became ever more complex.  Finally, animals occurred – of ever increasing capabilities and elegance.  Ultimately, the mind occurred – primitive at first in animals, of enormous capabilities in “humans”.  With the mind, emotions occurred – and “values” – of “good” or “bad” and of “beautiful” or “ugly”.   


Is that creation of our universe merely for the “pleasure of God”, as ancient monks taught us to think?

Can we, therefore, dare to want to bring joyful pleasure to the ultimate “Spiritual Essence of Existence ”, the only transcendental observer from far beyond our small universe – to God?

Contribute positively to that “evolution” in whatever way you can!

Behave well!

Bring a bit of joy and warmth – at least to the world around you!

Go and plant a beautiful garden



Will we still stand in front of God after our “death” – by means of the science- demanded “conservation of information” in the remaining and ever expanding radiation after the collapse or fading of our universe, many billions of years from now?  Or will we merely remain as a bit of memory without the dimensions of time and space – after we possibly leave both of those dimensions when we “pass away” – then in timeless peace and harmony? 

What a most comforting thought that could be for us!